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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Film Making, the bug that has bitten us all. Aspirants in abundance but very little information. This blog is a result of thorough research undertaken to compile the Top Film schools, Colleges, in, Delhi. There has been a lot of change happening in these rankings in the recent past. The intention has been to bring you the latest rankings of top film institutes in Delhi. Here you will find a list of top 10 Film school. There are very few Film schools in Delhi and hence even fewer are good, the best Film making Institutes, Film schools, films & television institutes, colleges in Delhi offering best film making, direction, acting, editing, script writing  cinematography courses are the first 6 in the list, the rest are not so. This list of top film making institutes 2013 and best film schools is derived and compiled from various media sources like websites and publications and allot of interviews with alumni of various schools.

1. New York Film Academy, New Delhi
In 2012 the world famous film academy opened its branch in New Delhi and Mumbai.This fascinating institution has a lot to offer and as its name precedes the reason does so after, great campus, brilliant faculty and provides enough space for your own development and carry out your own projects. Almost all courses of film making and editing are included. Duration of courses ranges from 8 weeks to 1 year. NYFA, Delhi is accredited from National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) – U.S. Department of Education.  But if you don't have enough cash on you, well, you can scroll down for better, affordable prospects.

2. Indian Film & Television Institute (IFTI), Meerut, Delhi
IFTI Delhi is affiliated to Punjab Technical university one of the most prestigious institution for film making in India, it has a nature of allowing students to explore their excellent campus, imbibe knowledge from surrounding, try out their different methods and create a holistic training for themselves. It offers almost all the courses of film making. It has an adequately trained faculty which is capable of supporting student queries. But for all that you need a bag full of money and Daddy's approval.

3. Asian Academy of Film & Television AAFT
One of the most popular and elite film school in Delhi/NCR, comes with a great campus, latest toys and a lot of free thinking. Though people say that they have lost their charm as the faculty is not as good as it used to be.Most of the film making and producing courses are available here and courses commences in July of Every Year. But please note that there are few courses which are open for admission after every 3 months. You can apply online for admission, but only do so if you are really loaded, cause this school ain't cheap!

4. Big Klick Media School
It boasts of a young and extremely qualified faculty, the latest equipment at a most reasonable fee structure. They seem to have a creative and professional approach to this field. Provide training in photography, cinematography direction and editing, though it has a humble studio, but it offers photo tours and other amazing out of the box ways of delegating knowledge. They stumped by their freshness, though new I think they have a lot to offer, they are completely equipped and charge a very modest fee.

5. Reliance Aims, Delhi
Reliance has now stepped into the field of providing training to young aspirants, ‘creating leaders in moving art’ is how they see it. Complete with a well planned campus, latest hardware  upbeat students and a seemingly old school faculty, I liked the place pretty much.But sadly for now they only are providing certificate programs in film making the duration of which is 2 months. They do charge you a lot though.

6. Gurudeva Media and Animation College
GMAC in all respect provides a good training atmosphere with hostel service and placement. Pretty good campus, but mediocre equipment. The faculty maintains a disciplined atmosphere and the course they offer is limited and revolves around animation and editing only. They provides free language training in English, which sums up their holistic development code. The fees is pretty reasonable with respect to all that they have to offer.

7. Delhi Film institute
This is another institute which comes under Punjab technical university. The have almost all the courses of film making under their banner spare A few. The campus is OK and the training program is mediocre too, but to those who want to learn will definitely feel at peace and be befitted by them. However it is not at all cheap.

8. NBA School of Mass Communication (Education Venture Of Jain TV), Sarojini Nagari
NBA school of mass communication is a education venture of Jain TV, so we do expect certain standards, but with a they only have a modest campus and a so-so faculty to boast about. The equipment is not that great but the students I met are a determined lot.They are UGC recognized and provides training in mass media in 3 year full time courses. It is affiliated to Guru Jambheshwar University Of Science and Technology, but you may feel it to be a little pricey for its worth.

9. Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC), Janakpuri, Delhi
This academy trains its student to be industries best in animation VFX. But that is also their sad limitation as they bound themselves in teaching animation alone. But is you want to learn animation this is definitely a good place to be, they have a part time/full time diploma course for 12 months and their training program don't seem bad either. The animation buffs can check this place. Compared to the going rate of animation training, this place seemed pretty reasonable.

10. Center For Research In Art Of Film And Television (CRAFT) In Delhi, NCR
Most of the courses offered have duration of 3 months to 1 year. The institute also offers modelling and fashion photography courses. But this is perhaps the only institute where the alumni have strongly warned people to join in, they don't have a proper infrastructure, under qualified faculty and unhappy students, plus it is hard to get admission and are obscenely expensive. Well, going buy the review, i won't really recommend this one.